the g20 is racial capitalism: connecting the dots between imperialism, white supremacy & capitalism

July 18, 2017
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By jesse chase, AFROPUNK Contributor

This year’s G20 summit concluded with a few racial incidents that should be highlighted and investigated further. The French President, Emmanuel Macron, made remarks about Africa’s “civilizational” problems. Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates gave props to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for making Africa a central initiative with the creation of a Compact With Africa. This deal is to help invest more European business into Africa rather than providing aid.

Gates’ praise of the CWA initiative also came on the heals of him blasting Merkel’s open-door migrant policy. He used the rationale that nations have to control the amount of migrants from Africa (mostly from Eritria, Ethiopia and Ghana) and the Middle Eastern Syrian refugee crisis.

Germany let in around 890,000 thousand people last year. And other European countries like Italy are seeing migrant populations at their borders increasing by 20% this year. And let’s not miss Israel’s new tax policy for African immigrants that passed the same week. This new tax forces employers of African migrants to put part of their salary into a fund that they can only access once they leave the country.

It’s clear that they want these migrants to leave.

The CWA sounds fine and dandy, but isn’t it just a continuation of global racial capitalism? And isn’t the “problem” with migrants and refugees that Gates is worried about really just imperialism and the borders that have been made to contain the continued exploitation of the lands these migrants come from?

After all, isn’t the Syrian war being waged by ISIS? A group of terrorists whose artillery are the sponsored and endorsed by left-overs of the American military and NATO missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya? Not to mention the multiple reports that the C.I.A. had even been implicated in supplying weaponry to these “rebels.” This is good for the industrial military complex’s economy. War is profitable.

As of 2017, the new Chief of the UN’s Economic Commission for Africa, Vera Songwe, says that 50 billion dollars illicitly leaves the continent every year.

That’s one trillion dollars over the past 50 years. That number may not even include the colonial taxes that France still collects from 14 former colonies, and estimates are that France still receives $500 billion in colonial taxes every year.

This tax is literal extortion when you consider that assassination coups are part of the French colonial legacy. Congolese-elected President Patrice Lumumba was taken out, so was David Dako, the first President of the Central African Republic. In fact there have been 67 coups in 26 African countries over the past 50 years; 16 of those countries were French colonies.

Any time an African leader didn’t want to pay the tax there was a coup.

In March 2008 the former French President, Jacques Chirac, even said that “without Africa, France will slide down into the rank of a third [world] power.” And Haiti is still paying for it’s white genocide and inherent “colonial independence” they gained after an 8 year revolution that ended January 1, 1804.

You may consider the infamous 2015 Clinton Foundation hijacking of $500 million Red Cross relief to Haiti as one and the same hustle. After all Hillary Clinton’s brother owns a gold mine in Haiti and there are millions of dollars in oil in the ocean off of Haiti’s coast that Haitians don’t get to profit from at all.

This is racial capitalism on the global scale. This is white supremacist capitalism.

Look, America went into Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein when he wanted to sell Iraqi oil with the Euro instead of the American dollar. NATO and America went into Libya and killed Gaddafi because he wanted to create a Central African Bank and sell African oil with African gold rather than the American dollar. The Western G20 powers owe their wealth and prosperity to African bodies and African resources.

It may hold partially true that Africa needs to develop for themselves and by themselves, but they can’t even touch most of the money the resources bring them because it gets redirected to centralized European banks and pays back the interest of IMF loans!

So let’s talk to Europe on how they can end this extortion rather than witness G20 summits that blatantly plan further systemic exploitation.

This is an ongoing war waging against the Other. Macron couldn’t grasp or acknowledge France’s imperial history and the implications of what he said at G20. In this regard, in contrast to Black consciousness, white consciousness can be as the poet Steve Mccaffery calls at an “infancy of consciousness.” Whether the cognitive bias of white consciousness is towards owning all the resources at the oppressive expense of those progressive liberal ideals they hold so dear or towards the fear of white genocide, eventually being crossbred into the melanin, it has to acknowledge it’s no exception to the rule of humanism.


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