dragon ball z meets afrofuturism in sci-fi anime project universouls

July 26, 2017
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Borelson and Binta Talla are two artists and fans of science fiction who have always dreamed of more Black superheroes. Borelson, who is particularly a fan of Dragon Ball Z, had the idea to rectify this after having his hair styled for a music video shoot and noticing a resemblance to his favorite characters.

Not long after, Borelson met Binta, a Star Wars fanatic, and together they created UniverSouls, a sci-fi/fantasy anime project following a character called Emanon X (“no name” reversed, and an ode to Malcolm X) in his quest into the past after a bout of amnesia to find out who he really is, his original name, where he got his superpowers from, and what his mission is.

“It is time to make things happen and to bring Afrofuturism to another level,” says Binta.

Check out the concept art from the project below, and follow UniverSouls on Instagram!:


Emanon X: Borelson (@borelson)
Mysterious Black Women Superhero: Binta Talla (@just_bee_now)
Photographer: Christin Bela (@cflgroupphotography)
Assistant Photographer: Servyn Ona (@onesnapview)
Graphism/FX/Editing: David Fr├ęchou (@avid971)
Hairstylist: Sephora Joannes (@sephorajoannes)
Make-Up Artist: @manzel_floww
Male Outfit: Zeyna (@queenyzey)
Female outfit: Ekeeyah Creations (@ekeeyahwax)