congolese artist ntangou badila pays tribute to indigenous women in portrait series “queendwomben”

July 25, 2017
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“Women and flowers have so many parallels and purposes in their growth, and anatomy even the female symbol is of flower structure.”

For Congolese artist Ntangou Badila, the connection between the female being and nature is one to be explored and translated to the canvas. Taking this a step further in her latest series “QUEENDWOMBEN“, she juxtaposes her subjects with flowery counterparts, recognizing a vast range of cultures and the matriarchs that hold them together.

In the US, though, we claim ourselves the land of the free, the expression of various cultures has been ostracized and undermined in the overarching agenda. It has now become up to artists like Badila to remind individuals of their beauty and importance in the modern world. Through her portraits, the use of flowers serve as a reclamation as each woman bears them in honest, relevant fashion.

“Queendwomben” as a whole–a 13-piece homage to tradition and personalized culture–takes an educational role as Badila’s acute attention to detail illuminates the unique traits of each experience, in the most beautiful ways.

Check out some of our favorite portraits below!