compton, california welcomes first black-owned grocery store

July 17, 2017
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It’s no secret that low-income neighborhoods get the short end of the stick in almost every way; from underfunded education to less than suitable housing, there is a constant divide between the needs of a city, and what those in charge are willing to give.

However, thanks to 36-year old entrepreneur Kia Patterson, the city of Compton, California receives its first Black-owned grocery store, offering organic products at affordable prices.

Compton is more or less a food desert, and in regards to fresh food and healthy options, there is an overwhelming scarcity. Patterson’s ownership of “The Grocery Outlet” is helping to override the systematic pattern of produce-led warfare, while simultaneously rewiring the expectation for the community.

This win is 2-in-1: not only does Compton gain entry into an organic market, but the people of the city gain leverage as the number of Black-owned businesses grow.

What goes into our bodies is the basis for how we live our lives, and by increasing accessibility to healthy, the collective consciousness begins to shift–slowly but surely. Props to Patterson for taking the initiative, and ultimately changing the trajectory of a population!