"Miss Me"

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brooklyn rapper leikeli47 is back with infectious summer anthem “miss me”

July 10, 2017

MISS ME WITH THE BULLSH*T”= Mood for the rest of 2k17 thanks to the latest infectious track “Miss Me” from Brooklyn rapper Leikeli47.

The masked performer sets it off with her first project of the year- as “Miss Me” offers summer 2k17 the perfect club anthem- leaving the listener high on beat and yearning for more. When the beat drops, so do you, and when it comes up again you’re just swept along for the ride.

To be real: this is the type of song you stomp down the street to, knowing- and letting everyone you pass know- that you (and you alone) are the sh*t. The bounce and bop of the track take over your body, giving you the confidence to conquer the moment; whether you’re on the dance floor, on the street, or drowning out the day through your headphones- this is musical caffein.

Aside from the ego-boosting lyricism and trance-inducing back vocals, Leikeli47’s spirit is tangible- making it clear she did NOT come to play.

Make sure to catch her at AFROPUNK Brooklyn this August, and check out “Miss Me” below!

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