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Breakfast Club is toxic masculinity on steroids

July 31, 2017
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As far as I’m concerned, The Breakfast Club has long since (always?) been a platform for misogyny, homophobia, queerphobia, internalized anti-blackness, etc., a culture that is set largely by show’s main host Charlamagne Tha God. A problematic, self-hating jackass with a history of spending lot of time dehumanizing and disparaging black women and gay folk. A few examples that come to mind are that time he tried to force DJ Mister Cee out of the closet, routinely makes disrespectful, hyper-sexualized comments about women’s genitals, and most recently, Charlamagne was eagerly caping for white supremacy-in-training Tomi Lahren, using her as a standard for which black and latina women need to meet:

Which, as many people like MTV’s “Decoded” host Franchesca Ramsey pointed out, was a standard WOC have been running circles around.

Just last week, rapper Rick Ross went on air to say that he’d never sign a “female rapper” to MMG because “I always thought that like I would end up fucking the female rapper [and then] fucking the business up I’m so focused on my business. I gotta be honest with you. You know, she looking good and I’m spending so much money on the photoshoots…I gotta fuck a couple times.”

What? The implications of Ross’ expressed entitlement to the bodies of women and the dehumanization evident in believing that female artists would be charged a sexual harassment tax where she is required to let the boss “fuck a couple time.” Ross issued an apology a few days later, but who fucking care.

As disgusting as these comments are, what’s just as shitty is that the show’s hosts continue to enable and foster an environment where misogyny and abuse are acceptable rhetoric. An environment where people aren’t even surprised to hear a guest make an argument for murdering transwomen. That’s the kind of show The Breakfast Club is.