asshole john mccain is literally using government-funded healthcare while showing up to help take it away from millions

July 26, 2017
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This just in from Washington D.C.: even the people Trump spits on can be his allies.

In the ongoing–and long-unsuccessful–Republican journey to repealing Obamacare, there comes a bright light in Senator John McCain. First and foremost, we must thank the Senator for proving to us that “rich white man is as rich white man does,” and it doesn’t matter how contradictory your privilege is, as long as you’re on the right side of America.

As many know, the 80-year-old war hero turned presidential nominee was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, a tragic turn of events in what has been quite an eventful life.

Given his status as a Senator, he was granted immediate care and a prompt road to recovery. Yet, on Tuesday, just 2 weeks after receiving brain surgery, McCain joins the vote to strip low-income Americans of basic healthcare… interesting.

To break it down even further: basically the Senator is using government-funded health care… while… stripping it from… others? Oh.

To be fair, he didn’t quite cast a vote to take it away, but he did the next best thing in showing up to push the process forward.

See, what if after exiting Vietnam in ’73, McCain wasn’t greeted with a soft cushion? What if his daddy wasn’t a high-ranking naval officer? What of he was poor? Thanks to his pre-existing condition of privilege he avoided low-income life, so the turmoil of Republican agenda doesn’t affect him. The irony isn’t lost on Americans though, and social media is on fire.

Now the debate over the legislation to repeal the affordable care act is legitimately underway, therefore bringing us closer to reducing/stripping affordable health care, medicaid, and overall coverage for millions of Americans. And though Senator McCain swears he “would definitely not vote for a Senate healthcare bill without major changes,” as recent history has proven, the goal is to erase Obama’s legacy as quickly as possible.

The craziest part about this is that many Republicans in favor of the repeal represent some of the poorest states in the country–coincidence or ignorance? That’s some tea.

Anyway, all this is just another call-to-action, Washington needs our attention now more than ever. Let’s hope McCain’s latest contribution doesn’t write the rest of history. #staywoke


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