white woman wants to “raise awareness” by doing blackface, shocked by “unfair negativity” she received :d

June 1, 2017

People are outraged after it appears a(nother) white woman has lost her damn mind. Boglarka Balogh, from Nyíregyháza, Hungary, claims she was just raising awareness of tribes that were “fading away” when she photoshopped images of her face over those of African women. How does literally erasing Africans and replacing them with white people help them from fading away? What’s the difference between a tribe “fading away” and being wiped out by colonization and genocide? Why she still ain’t got no lips even when she Black? We’ve got questions.

After posting the images on Bored Panda, Balogh, who claims to be a journalist and human rights lawyer (run away, clients!) received fierce backlash from users who accused her of Blackface and appropriation, and deleted the photos–but not before they were viewed over 212,000 times.

According to Scubby, the woman claims she has also received encouraging letters from Black women, and doesn’t see what she did that was so wrong. Is it just me, or is “I don’t see what I did that was so wrong” like the white woman motto?

Balogh also says that the backlash proves that “good-hearted project can turn out [to be] something negative due to ignorance and guilt from the past and history.” She’s right in a sense: intentions don’t erase the outcome, which is why white liberals can’t be trusted, and she sure is ignorant.