white liberal anti-blackness: seattle parents get upset about teachers’ black lives matter t-shirts

June 20, 2017

Another day, another white person showing just how easily they can disguise anti-Blackness under a badge of “liberalism.” As reported by KUOW.org, parents in one of the whitest, most affluent, and staunchly liberal neighborhoods of Seattle lost their shit when teachers across the city wore T-shirts reading “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. Some parents said their kids wouldn’t be able to understand the message (that someone’s life matters––really???), others called it too militant, all probably would’ve voted for Obama a third time, if they could.

According to KUOW, the teachers were prepared for the criticism after some at John Muir Elementary in south Seattle had done this the month prior and received a bomb threat and hate mail from across the country.

“This is what I’ve come to call Seattle’s passive progressiveness,” Stephan Blanford, a Seattle school board member whose doctoral research focused on race and public education, told KUOW. “We vote the right way on issues. We believe the right way. But the second you challenge their privilege, you see the response.”

Yup, sounds like white liberalism.


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