video premiere: texas-based indie band fort never tumbles down the rabbit hole in surreal video for “paradigm”

June 6, 2017

Fort Never is an indie rock band consisting of Texas-based producer and songwriter, Timothy Ruch, singer Chantell Moody and drummer Deano Cotè. Their latest video, “Paradigm”, is a magical piece of experimental visuals, finding the trio in a wonderland-like world filled with people with giant white balls and television sets for heads. Here, “there ain’t no place to run / there ain’t no place to hide,” as Moody’s soft but powerful voice reminds us, but rather than fight the feeling of losing control, the song embraces it, asking: what if we were to lose control to regain control of ourselves?”

“This song, and video, represents pressure and the feeling of need for escape,” Moody explains. “So many of us become something which we are not in order to make ends meet or be a productive member of society. We tend to lose our childlike naivety and grow blind to mechanisms which are designed to disable us. These same mechanisms can convey a false sense of control and the feeling of ‘growing up.’ […] Remove the veil and let our limbs fly freely without care. We can escape. This is our dance. A rebirth.”

Check out the surreal video below!:

Video directed and produced by H.D. Stone of Blue Djinn Studios
Song written by Matt Rusin, adapted and produced by Timmie Rook, performed by Fort Never

Polaroid photo credit: Paikea Ruch
Film snap credit: H.D. Stone of Blue Djinn Studios
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