Sex & Gender

toxic masculinity couldn’t stand the sight of a man’s naked body on espn cover

June 28, 2017

Now, every year ESPN magazine does a “body” issue featuring a major variety of athletes who bare it all for the camera, emphasizing the strength, skill, and endurance that their bodies are capable of. Nothing sexual about it at all, really. Regardless of that fact, tiny-minded men of Twitter were up in arms when ESPN dropped Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott’s cover for its 2017 body issue.

Being honored for your athleticism and physicality? = “gay shit”

It’s, obviously, worth pointing out that the 2017’s ‘female’ cover went to tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, and when ESPN tweeted this out, tiny-minded man Twitter was quick to hyper-sexualize and slut-shame the world-class athlete. Unable to separate nudity from sex for just oooone second.

What would happen if these dudes saw a naked man (or woman) and simply felt nothing and said nothing? Are they afraid if they don’t announce their sexual preferences people will go all the way out of their way to suspect them of queerness? Because anybody even gives a shit? Sad!