there’s something glorious about seeing a black woman make racist white men sh*t their pants

June 14, 2017

Once again at the Senate Intel Committee, badass former prosecutor Sen. Kamala Harris was cut off by her colleague, senior member Sen. John McCain during her line of questioning of Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III about his and administration’s involvement in Russian efforts to subvert our sovereignty. Echoing DNI Director Daniel Coats and Admiral Mike Roger’s refusal to answer questions related to their conversations with President Trump—with no legal justification for being able to do so—AG Sessions was combative and visibly flustered by Sen. Harris’ insistence that Sessions either answer the questions or adequately outline the rule that Sessions claimed allowed him to skirt questions he deemed “inappropriate”.

During the intense exchange, Sessions, losing his cool, exclaimed that “Will you let me qualify it? If I don’t qualify it, you’ll accuse me of lying. So I need to be correct as best I can. I’m not able to be rushed this fast. It makes me nervous.” Ah, yes. The nation’s top lawyer is too nervous to answer questions truthfully.

Sen. John McCain, seemingly, didn’t like that Harris pressed Sessions to provide straight forward answers to her, and once again interrupted her questioning to provoke the committee chair, Sen. Richard Burr, into silencing her yet again. Chairman Burr played it more fairly this week, allowing Harris to continue with the remainder of her time.

Needless to say, Sen. Harris’ toughness was ridiculued by white men and Trump surrogates alike, specifically Jason Miller, who exlusively described Harris’ tone as “hysterical”. But not that of Ron Wyden [D-Ore.], or Angus King [I-Me.] who were both dogged in their line of questioning, which went uninturrupted.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Photo (l to r): Alex Brandon, Associated Press and Credit Al Drago/The New York Times

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