south african performance artist manthe ribane heads to afropunk joburg

June 2, 2017
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Say hello to Soweto-based performance artist, Manthe Ribane. Ribane, a lifelong artist and performer once performed for her the late Nelson Mandela, at just 8 years old, is a creative wunderkind. Known for her Pantsula dance skill and body movement performances for artists like Okzharp and as a muse for a NOT x Chris Saunders fashion campaign, Ribane is one of the stand out faces in South Africa’s urban creative collective scenes. “There are times when I cry on stage,” she told i-D last year. “It’s a transcendent power. I’m in a trance and I want to express as much as I can. It’s so important that your audience feel it too.”

When asked what inspires her artistry, by in 2014, Ribane said it was the love and closeness she shares with her siblings. “My brother and sister. They define love for me. They inspire every word of inspiration. The fact that we don’t have a TV; we prefer to speak more to each other than to watch a movie. I can get so much knowledge from my younger brother. I’m inspired by people who are getting up in the morning to make a difference, to change the world in a positive way. And lastly, what life has to give to us – that’s the biggest inspiration.”

Manthe Ribane will be performing at the inaugural AFROPUNK Johannesburg this New Year’s Eve weekend. Tickets and more information, here.

Photos by Chris Saunders for NOT x Dennis Chuene Collaboration

Photo by Steve-Marais