new music: brazil-based indie rock artist héloa transforms the world around her on the unique ‘eu’ #soundcheck

June 23, 2017

What’s truly impressive about Brazillian artist Héloa, other than her voice of course, is that on her latest album Eu, no two songs sound anything alike, but every song sounds like Héloa. Speckled with stunning ballads and driving bursts of indie rock, the album incorporates new wave (“Calei”), reggae (“A Avenida”), bossa (“Crua”), and somehow a klezmer-tinged country western song (“Meus Amigos”). Her band’s impeccable timing pulls through jagged time signatures and wild left turns. The softest ballads follow the most propulsive tracks and everywhere the stunning openness of Héloa’s sound, and atmospheric depth leaves its unmistakable trace, most indelibly on the standout “A Paz Que Dessejei.” Eu marks the arrival of an artist fully formed, capable of transforming everything around her into something distinctly Héloa.

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Photo Credit: Larissa Bione