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‘lolendo’ photo series highlights the plight of sexual minorities from the congo

June 26, 2017

Just in time for the annual Pride Festival in Brussels, photographer Régis Samba-Kounzi’s unveils a new and powerful exhibition, “Lolendo” (which means “Pride” in Lingala), at the Bozar Center for Fine Arts. “Lolendo” is a photo series done in collaboration with the Massimadi Festival (the LGBT film festival from Africa and its diaspora) showcasing the stories of queer people from the Congo through portraits. Highlighting an array of queer Congolese in everyday but vibrant locations, “Lolendo” is both a denunciation of homophobia in the Congo as well as “a call to Africans to re-appropriate this fight and to place homophobia and transphobia in the Congo within their historical context, so as to be able to better understand and combat them,” according to

Check out some of the incredible images below, and see the full series by clicking here: