kintaro, formerly of the internet, steps into the spotlight with the anderson .paak-oroduced ep ‘universal’ #soundcheck

June 26, 2017

The Bruner family’s having one hell of a year. Between Thundercat’s surrealist masterpiece Drunk, Ron Jr.’s solo debut, and now we got youngest brother Kintaro busting out on his own with his EP-length collaboration with the great Anderson .Paak. It’s a big shift from his previous work as the keyboardist for The Internet, focused more on deconstructed trap beats and sci-fi synths, but Kintaro brings the same head turning imagination and gleeful experimentation. The standout “Mk” turns the .Paak up to 11 to exhilarating results, but the full EP is worth your time. 

above photo: Jamal “Kintaro” Bruner by Larry Gorman / Anderson.Paak via IAMRISHA