indie fashion brand ikiré jones featured in ‘black panther’ movie wardrobe

June 15, 2017
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When Marvel dropped the first trailer for Black Panther over the weekend, we could barely contain our excitement, and the fact that it made the heads of racist white fanboys explode made the moment all the more thrilling. The film promises to be a Blackety Blackstravaganza, and almost immediately Black Twitter began planning the outfits they would be wearing to the premiere, trying to find the most Afro-centric costumes they could think of for the fitting occasion.

But it would be hard to outshine the costumes in the actual film, put together by costume designer Ruth E. Carter. One of the most noteworthy outfits in the trailer is the brainchild of fashion designer Wale Oyejide, the Nigerian artist behind the Ikiré Jones label. In 2016, the label tweeted at the official Marvel handle asking to do the wardrobe for the Black Panther movie, and it must have caught the attention of Carter and team because it has now become a reality, in what the brand calls “a story about faith, perserverance and hard work”:

In the trailer, you can see Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa donning an Ikiré Jones ensemble:

As explained by Konbini, Oyejide’s work blends contemporary tailored suits and accessories with art history, “using textile and apparel design to convey stories about immigrant populations to the Western world.”

Photo credit: @joshuakissi

Check out Oyejide’s work in the Black Panther trailer below!: