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#hairties video series empowers black girls to think positively about their hair

June 20, 2017

A new video series is empowering Black girls to redefine what is beautiful, and shaping how the next generation feels about their hair. #Hairties uses testimonials from Black women and girls to acknowledge the fraught history of Black hair, while looking toward the future to where we might go. Created by Antonia Opiah, the seven-part video series features the stories of six women across three generations, the individuals that influenced their hairstyles over the years, and the message they want to pass down to the next generation. You can watch the videos here, and add your voice by clicking here!

In addition to the video series, there will be a #Hairties pop-up exhibit in New York City from June 24th – 25th, featuring a curated selection of photos collected through the project:

When: Saturday June 24th & Sunday June 25th
Time: 10am – 6pm on both days
Where: 237 Eldridge Street NY NY

Read more about the project here!



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