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‘drumpflix’ project turns the trump administration’s nonsensical tweets and comments into hilarious film titles

June 29, 2017

Last we heard of Paul Louise-Julie was with the release of The Pack, a graphic novel centered around a motley crew of Egyptians and Nubian Werewolves as they travel through a fantasy version of Ancient Africa. Now, the artist is back with a new project called DrumpFlix, a fake movie studio whose ‘films’ are based on the many outrageous and nonsensical comments emanating from the Trump administration.

Drumpflix isn’t behind any real films, but is behind the promo merchandise of parody titles like Covfefe, Alternative Facts, and The Bowling Green Massacre. “The idea is that anyone fed up with this administration can purchase all sorts of real merchandise from these fake movies that were never made [and] allow us to make light of the absurdity of this regime in protest,” says Louise-Julie.

15% of every sale goes to a collection of amazing charities such as The Trevor Project (a suicide hotline for LGBTQ teens), Planned Parenthood or Meals on Wheels. For every new “movie” made, bringing a whole new set of merch, there will be another charity added to the list. “[DrumpFlix] is not only a fun way to resist and mock this xenophobic regime, we can raise awareness and support for these great organizations doing actual work against these fascists,” argues Louise-Julie.

Check out the hilarious project here!


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