black panther poster references iconic huey p. newton picture

June 12, 2017

Marvel’s first Black Panther trailer and poster are full of Easter Eggs for comic book fans and the pro-black crowd that’s converging for this highly-anticipated superhero film. So far, the film looks wonderfully black as hell with its gorgeous black cast and Afrocentricism. But one of our favorite shout-outs to black history and black culture is from the film’s new poster which features Chadwick Boseman‘s Black Panther sitting on a throne verrry reminiscent to the iconic image of Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton seated in wicker chair: spear in one hand, a rifle in the other. Poised for battle and defiant against the colonizing powers that have oppressed blacks historically and contemporaneously.

Photo credit (l to r): ‘Black Panther’ poster via Marvel, Huey Newton seated in wicker chair, 1967 by Blair Stapp, Composition by Eldridge Cleaver.
Lithograph on paper; Collection of Merrill C. Berman