video premiere: r&b singer leandra mcnair shares nostalgic, diy visual for 90s vibe single, ‘u i wanna c’

May 23, 2017

R&B singer Leandra McNair channels 90s vibes in her brand new music video, ‘U I Wanna C’. An infectious, listenable single in its own right, c harkens back to 90s DIY visuals in strangely nostalgic ways, reminiscent of the opening credits of decade-defining shows like ‘Moesha’ and ‘Felicity’. Dressed in chunky jewelry and red lipstick, ‘U I Wanna C’ follows a day in Leandra McNair shoes as she takes in the city and daydreams about that someone special.

“‘U I wanna C’ is one of my favorite tracks off Lucky! It’s a really happy and feel good song that is super modern while being nostalgic and throwback. You can definitely hear the 90’s hip hop influence in the production and in my melodies. We kept that throwback feel and incorporated it into the music video too! A lot of the clips were shot with a HD handycam haha! We used that to really give it that grainy and throwback look.

Another goal for this video was to have a clear storyline while still making the video fun and DIY. I want people to feel like they’re walking through the city with me trying to catch up to this guy! lol One of the most important aspects of the video is the NYC vibe! We spent the day going all over to really capture the energy and beauty of the city. From street performers to subway rides we were sure to get all those details that make NYC unique.”

Music Production/Composition- Ken Linh Doky
Composition/ Songwriting – Leandra McNair

Video Shot by – Scott Kalbarer
Featured in video – Solrey, Jaymie Kovalsky, Omar Alui