video premiere: aubergine machine mix indie-pop and edm in moody darkwave track “u people”

May 2, 2017

Aubergine MACHINE is a collaboration between veteran producer Ian Carey and newcomer Shanti Ellis. The dreamy pair have been working together since 2012 creating their own brand of electro-R&B that borrows from EDM and mainstream pop and draws inspiration from artists like Santigold, No Doubt, and Fleetwood Mac. Their brand new music video, “U People”, is a sensual, moody darkwave track led by Ellis’ mysterious vocals over an equally expressive visual.

“It was sometime during the end of 2015 that we started to feel like we needed to take some time to revel in some personal dark space and write about stuff. Personal stuff. We started writing “U People”. Somehow in the end, we thought that the darkness felt and sounded more like resilience. When it came time to do the video a year and a half later, there were so many images that came to mind. Political things. Big things. Small things. But in the end we felt like sticking to our original feeling of that dark space and that’s what we did. We found a dark cozy spot and filmed ourselves,” the band tells AFROPUNK.

Video for “U People” Produced, filmed and edited by Ian Carey and Shanti Ellis.
Photos: Ian Carey and Shanti Ellis

Aubergine MACHINE’s WildLife EP will be available this summer.

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