the styles and stories of lgbtq african immigrants get highlighted in #limitlessafricans photo-documentary project

May 15, 2017

#LimitlessAfricans is a documentary project by queer Nigerian-American photographer Mikael Owunna (IG: @mikaelowunna) highlighting LGBTQ African immigrants across the diaspora. The project showcases queer African style to debunk the myth that it is “un-African” to be LGBTQ.

“I started Limit(less) 3 and a half years ago to create a space where LGBTQ African immigrants could be seen as whole individuals – proud, complicated and celebrated – and share our multifaceted stories with the world,” explains Owunna. The photographer plans to create the largest digital archive of LGBTQ African immigrant narratives. Thus far, the project has been shot only in North America, but in order to capture the full range of diasporic LGBTQ African experiences, he plans to bring the project to Europe in the fall, and is crowdfunding to do so. Check out the Limit(less) Kickstarter campaign and some of our favorite images below!:

Kaamila – Queer Somali – Shot in USA

Netsie – Queer Ethiopian Namibian

Odera – Queer Nigerian – Shot in USA

Tyler – Queer Kenyan-Somali – Shot in Canada

Brian – Queer Rwandan – Shot in Canada

4 Queer African Women – Shot in USA