new music: non-binary south african rapper m(x)blouse speaks for the outsider in new ep ‘believe the bloom’

May 1, 2017

M(x)BLOUSE (Sandiso Ngubane) is a gender non-conforming hip-hop artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their debut EP Believe the Bloom shows off the wordsmith’s lyrical skill in a defiant work of art tackling themes of gender expression, rejection, global politics and self-actualization. “I want to create music that matters, and music that speaks to being an outsider – something I’ve always felt I am in many ways,” the artist explains. “I’m non-binary and I’m a rapper, for one, and that in itself immediately makes me a kind of outsider as far as hip-hop is concerned.”

Take a listen below!:

Visual Concept/Creative Direction: Bee Diamondhead
Photography: Aart Verrips
Grooming: Orli Meiri

‘Only Words Are Perfect’, ‘Love Was A Lie’, ‘I Got Game’, ‘WTF Squared’
all produced by Joni Blud
‘The Gift’ produced by Thor Rixon, with additional percussions by LEEU Mixing & Mastering by Eye-On-Feather

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