new music: georgia-based rock band african americana are right on time with their killer summer jam, “sugarcane” #soundcheck

May 17, 2017
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Taking a detour from their usual witch house and glitchier leanings, Macon, GA based African Americana’s “Sugarcane” is a killer summer garage rock jam. The band keeps the synths lurking in the edges as texture beneath singer / guitarist Tommy $uperior’s ode to “ice cubes and sugarcane / cause I know it gets hot in summer.” The track ends in a hazy wash of synths, for the best of both sides of the band. African Americana’s stated mission is to “reclaim the white colonial ‘Americana,’” and by widening the lens to include indie rock and house (and, for the record, why the fuck not?) they do some impressive damage on that front. Word is they’re working on a new full length. Stay tuned.

By Nathan Leigh*, AFROPUNK Contributor