afro-latinx painter harmonia re–imagines art history with inclusive twist

May 12, 2017
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A modern-day Renaissance artist, Afro-Latinx artist Harmonia Rosales is channeling the greats of art history in her large-scale paintings, like Michelangelo. Her show-stopper, re-imagining of Michelangelo‘s ‘Creating of Adam’ inserts blackness in spaces where it has been erased, much to the viewer’s delight, challenging commonly accepted artistic images and re-enforcements of whiteness as holiness. Her other piece work on a similar level, depicted a woman with albinism as a lion-taming goodness, and capturing the pain in the eyes of a little girl in a war-torn Muslim country. Through her work, Rosales presents a counter-narrative centered around awareness and resistance. “Art is my weapon in the ongoing battle against indifference and inaction. It forms the basis of resistance,” Rosales writes. Check out a few of Harmonia’s pieces that stopped me dead in my tracks, below, and follow the talented artist on Instagram.