afro-brazilian designer victor apolinário celebrates african roots & queerness with cemfreio collection

May 16, 2017

Afro-Brazilian fashion designer Victor Apolinário celebrates queer and trans inclusivity in his latest ‘Cemfreio’ collection. Inspired by his African roots and something he calls, “jeitinho brasileiro”, or little Brazilian way, a particular reference to the high poverty rates and low minimum wages in Afro-Brazilian communities. Additionally, this collection serves as a dialogue within that same community about transcending racial, socioeconomic, and gendered boundaries, through fashion and by centering the casting of models for the collection around trans, queer, and black individuals.

“My background in Capoeira [a Brazilian martial art], Candomblé [an Afro-American religion] and even Protestant church contributed to my inspiration for the construction and design perspective of this collection,“ Apolinário tells AFROPUNK. “Senegal was also a big influence, so much so that it inspired the to red, yellow, white and green color palette. Those colors are also representative of my 90s aesthetic.”

See some behind the scenes shots of the collection’s runway show, which took place last week at Casa de Criadores in São Paulo, and the show itself, down below!

Above photos by Fernanda Tine

Above photos by Fernando Schlapfer