we need to talk about non native people’s trivialization of ‘spirit animals’

April 24, 2017

By Jaz Joyner/Quntfront.com*, AFROPUNK contributor

Who doesn’t likes animals? But guess what we like even more — endangered species! They’re so rare and so special, like unique little snowflakes. That’s why Mandy and her friends totally love them.

When asked what ‘spirit animals’ meant, Mandy responded, “You know, like the animal that’s most like you in every way. Or even like another person or whatever you want. Like my spirit animal is a wolf, but also Rihanna.” This point was further confirmed by Mandy’s friend Kate, who’s spirit animal is popcorn.

So without further ado, here are Mandy and her friend’s spirit animal picks.


Apparently we’re fucked without them, so thank goodness people like Mandy will represent wolves’ best traits when they’re gone.


African Elephant

Everyone loves majestic elephants and admire their wisdom. That’s why Mandy’s friend Margot just knew they were meant to be her spirit animal. “Everyone’s always telling me I’m so smart,” Margot gushed. She even wears an ivory necklace so that she can “feel one with her species.”


Yellow-Faced Bees were just named extinct in 2016, and Mandy’s friend Tara is literally just like one. “I always felt really busy and like, persistent and so after I Googled ‘bee symbolism’ I was like, ‘oh my god, that’s me!’”


Snake River Salmon, to be exact. They’re at risk due to several dams blocking their migration path, making it pretty difficult for them to get upstream. But, like, Mandy’s friend Samantha has always been pretty stubborn, so when she learned about salmon she knew they had to be her spirit animal.


Jill has always loved gorillas ever since she saw The Jungle Book. But it wasn’t until a life changing event that she decided this was the species for her, “After seeing how much everyone was inspired by Harambe, and how I like to inspire people, I knew gorillas were my spirit animal.”

*This post was originally published at www.quntfront.com