video: senagalese blues/rock artist ilam shows the beauty of his home country in soulful “mi soussi”

April 7, 2017

Senegalese singer and guitarist ILAM is changing the sound of World Music. Recently named CBC Radio Canada’s World Music Revelation for 2016 -2017, the singer began his career at the Music Conservatory of Senegal’s National School of Fine Arts before joining a hip-hop band in 2005. In the group, the singer mixed traditional Senegalese music with rap and acoustic, learning to play the guitar that has since become such an integral part of his performance.

ILAM arrived in Montreal in 2014 to pursue a solo career, honing a distinctive soulful sound that has since made waves across the globe. Inspired by African, Caribbean and North American traditions, the artist is committed to spreading inspiration through conscious music. His apply titled first album Hope fuses contemporary, urban, reggae, blues, folk, pop and rock music for his unique sound. Yearning to go back to his roots, he filmed his latest video “Mi Soussi” in the beautiful Senegal, a place refers to as “the cool.”

*Hari Ziyad is a New York based storyteller and writer for AFROPUNK. They are also the editor-in-chief of RaceBaitR, deputy editor of Black Youth Project, and assistant editor of Vinyl Poetry & Prose. You can follow them on Twitter @hariziyad.

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