video premiere: punk band the younger lovers gives a triumphant, fun (and trippy) ode to the working class with “whiskey and water”

April 18, 2017

The punk rock project The Younger Lovers started in 2003 as the bedroom demo of Brontez Purnell, after he moved to the Bay Area aspiring to become a dancer, writer, and musician. The sound of The Younger Lovers is owed to Purnell’s love of all melody based rock forms–indie, Blues, garage, surf, riot-grrrl, soul and punk–blended into a sound that is as unique as it is audacious.

Purnell’s varied career has seen him as a part of the punk/electro-clash/riot-rrrrl band Gravy Train!!!, and touring alongside Le Tigre, Jr.Sr., ESG and a host of other influential bands on the electronic scene. He returned to Rock N Roll with self-recording all of the tracks for the first 3 of The Younger Lovers LPs, but this year’s Young Brothers LP is a pointed departure from previous original releases, marking the first time Purnell has recorded with band mates Rich Gutierrez and Ezra Rabin (now with Sean Tevis switching out Gutierrez on drums).

Their first single off of the project shows the band embracing more melodic territory with “Whiskey And Water”, which Purnell describes as “an anthemic ode to working class ennui, alcoholism, and strangely enough (and perhaps most importantly) triumph.”

Take a look at the fun video below!:

Video by Gary “Fembot” Gregerson
Photos by Fabian Echevarria


Banner photo by Gary “Fembot” Gregerson
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