toronto-based photographer kibby kibwana ’embrace’s body positivity in powerful new editorial

April 27, 2017

When it comes to showcasing all body types and appearances, fashion photography has a major problem. Because beauty is associated with bodies privileged in a white-supremacist, fatphobic, ableist society, models are supposed to fit those ideals. Rather than being a benign example of playing the hand dealt, what magazines and photographers that continually project these images ultimately do is reinforce social acceptance of these oppressive standards, contributing to further violence against those who don’t fit such ideals.

Kimmy Kibwana is a Toronto-based artist and photographer challenging these norms in a new body positive editorial titled “Embrace”. “The idea of Embrace came about when my relentless search of body diversity through the archives of my favorite artist is resulted in a blank slate,” Kibwana says. “It was then that I visualized something different, yet with the same captivating end results. With diversity comes inclusiveness, and a starting point for changing present norms. Embrace is not only about presenting this diversity, but having it welcomed with open arms.” Check out some of the striking images from the series below!:

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