the caucacity party/social experiment turns the tables on racist “culture parties”

April 11, 2017

The Caucacity Party is an upcoming London social experiment that turns the table on ‘culture parties’ by exploring the space between cultural appropriation and appropriate appreciation with a party that celebrates all things European. “Shakespeare, kale smoothies, colonialism, Kylie Jenner, and sunburns – It’s high time we celebrate Europe, the fatherland, and its cultural riches that have been stomped onto every single corner of this world.”

The experiment was inspired by the trend of fancy dress (costume) parties themed around entire cultures and ethnicities only to marginalize and demean people of color. The social experiment was, specifically, sparked by an event billed as a celebration of “Africa” thrown by a UK group called Morning Gloryville. The event called “The Motherland – Africa!”, was livestreamed on social media, because of course it did, featuring a sea of shimmying bodies dressed in vaguely tribal, vaguely African (or not African at all) attire. Folks mixed bindi’s with animal prints, because who actually cares enough about African culture to be respectful, amirite?

“As it happens so often with “African” and “Asian” themed parties, we want to homogenize European and North American countries and cultures for the night,’ says cocreator Lee Pinales. ‘We are playing on perceived stereotypes and encourage our guests to participate by dressing up insouciantly according to the ‘white’ theme.”

All profits from the event will be donated to SMUG, sexualminoritiesuganda.com. and will take place at the VFD in London on April 15. More info, here. Tickets, here.

Artwork by Ije Hadid