premiere: vintage soul singer tanika charles modernizes classic soul on her newest album ‘soul run’

April 6, 2017
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’Soul Run’ is a refreshing burst of all the familiar flare and soul of Motown, girl-group classics with its sunny harmonies and loved-up lyricism. Tanika Charles’ genuine vulnerabilities and introspections about loving and life that are relatable and brutally honest. The mid-album “More Than Man” is every wise woman’s post-break-up monolog about the shit we won’t take no ‘mo and the (shit we probably shoulda coulda woulda done better ourselves). Each track is a little slice of an inner voice guaranteed to make you feel a little less alone in this mixed-up, albeit amusing, world.

“The album is about discovering yourself. Liberation from anything, or in my case, anyone that keeps you from being your truest self,” Charles tells AFROPUNK. “I didn’t have a ‘vision’ per se, it was created as therapy. A release. If i’m writing about it, I’ve lived it. I could only hope that listeners can relate to the songs.”

‘Soul Run’ will be released for purchase everywhere, tomorrow April 7th.

Soul Run by Tanika Charles