LA-based experimental hip-hop artist Busdriver launches Free Black Press Radio mixing socio-political commentary with left-field Beats #SoundCheck

April 12, 2017

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor

Spanish philosopher George Santayana once quipped “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” but let’s be real, even as a self-admitted history nerd, it’s hard enough keeping up with all the fuckery going on right now. Let alone the past 400 or so years. That’s where indie producer and MC Busdriver comes in. Over the past year, he’s released 6 episodes of Free Black Press Radio, marrying his surrealist humor, Afrofuturist sensibilities and an analytic eye to the big questions about how we got where we are now. From the invention of whiteness in the first episode to the relentless co-option of black culture to the rise of the American neo-Nazi movement in the most recent, the left-field beats and lofi/hifi production Busdriver made his name with underscore the whole thing. It’s the closest thing to having raw history injected into the auditory sectors of the brain, with all the trippy shit that would probably go along with trying to do that.

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