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indie film studio project aims to turn black creators’ content into film

April 7, 2017

Nubiamancy an online platform created in 2013 aimed at taking content by black creatives and putting it on screen. Nubiamancy Studios, created by Canadian Asante Massawa, hopes to produce short films created by and featuring black/African people in sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres.

Massawa kicked off the first iteration of this project four years ago when he began posting “over 10,000 images and videos”, created by other black artists, on social media. “And after receiving thousands of comments and messages clamoring to see those works in live-action films, Nubiamancy is now embarking on a mission to turn the social media platform into a film studio.” Massawa hopes to raise enough money to produce feature-length films in the future.

Watch Nubiamancy Studios’ crowdfunding video, below. Learn more and contribute to the fundraising effort, here.

“The Coming Of Memnon” illustration by Mshindo Kuumba
“Super Woman”, illustrated by @penciledcelebrities
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