hardcore punk rock band loud boyz are back with more fun and energy than ever in new ep “party in the usa”

April 6, 2017

Washington, D.C.’s Loud Boyz have lived up to their thunderous name touring with bands like The Buzzcocks, Dag Nasty, Marky Ramone, and Darkest Hour. Their last LP, Tough Love, Hard Feelings, was released to critical acclaim in 2015. Now, the aggressive hardcore punk rock band is back with a new EP, Party In The USA, a 4 track offering packed with even more fun and energy. Ready to fuck shit up? Take a listen below!:

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Ben Green at Studio V Recording
Co Produced by Peter Tsouras
Mastered by Carl Saff
Cover Photo by Gabe L’heureux
Layout by Jason Dangle
All songs by Loud Boyz
Loud Boyz are Alex, Brandon, Devin, Rory, and Mitchell

Photo by Michael Andrade
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