comic book: a delightfully cute queer supernatural adventure awaits in kim reaper #1

April 13, 2017

By Carrie McClain/Black Nerd Problems*, AFROPUNK contributor

The truth is that Kim Reaper is just fun. A whole lotta fun. From start to finish of its 26 pages this was such a fun ride with all the laughs. Becka is just a girl: a girl in university, a girl with a social calendar, a girl who has a friend who is cool being her wingman and just a girl with a crush. The object of Becka’s affections is Kim, the cute goth girl with the great cat eye makeup whom she admires in class frequently.

The ball gets rolling when Becka follows Kim in an attempt to ask her out (#ShootYourShot2k17). While most university students have part-time jobs to help them out along the way, Becka via supernatural portal finds the goth babe of her dreams is an actual part timer grim reaper and the hijinks start here with a botched job thanks to the surprise of Becka’s arrival.

Rick and Morty fans may be familiar with Sarah Graley as she did double duty as the artist and writer of the Rick and Morty spin-off comic ‘Lil’ Poopy Superstar’. Here Graley picks up the sticks as a writer, illustrator, and colorist for this series and it’s a good example of her talents and what all she can do.

Becka might first come off to some as an airhead to some but she’s lovable to me. She’s passionate, has her moments where she steps up to plate to help out and be some kind of voice of reason, surprisingly. Kim isn’t cool as a cucumber all the time and has her moments of freaking out because she’s human…ish? Graley’s art style is simple yet delightfully on point. Delightfully cutesy and it works.

This is a dramacomedy comedy with dramatic parts with a paranormal twist–Overall this book is a win because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s silly. It’s a cute queer supernatural adventure that’s for the reader who want to laugh and be amused by dumb things, weird funny facial expressions and hilarious twists you didn’t see coming.

8 Six-Packs-on-Your-Forehead out of 10

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