children’s book ‘blacky’ encourages kids to celebrate their melanin

April 11, 2017

Terrence Terrell is a Mississippi-born actor and writer who has been featured in videos for pop stars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, and on television networks like Fox, NBC, and Showtime. Though he’s always been a performer, Terrell didn’t always have the confidence you see on screen, due to bullying throughout his teenage years. The artist learned to cope by turning the negativity into humor, and has used these experiences as the basis for his first children’s book, Blacky, an uplifting story about a young Black boy’s journey to self-confidence.

Here’s the book’s description: For as long as he can remember, Skyler has felt like he doesn’t fit in. He looks different than his siblings and the other kids at school, who make fun of him and don’t want to be his friend. But after a little help and support from a friend, Skyler realizes his own worth and how special he truly is. In Blacky: A Story of Confidence, readers will learn important lessons about confidence and love.

So dope! For more information and where you can find it:

*Hari Ziyad is a New York based storyteller and writer for AFROPUNK. They are also the editor-in-chief of RaceBaitR, deputy editor of Black Youth Project, and assistant editor of Vinyl Poetry & Prose. You can follow them on Twitter @hariziyad.

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