book: reclaiming black history – changing the narrative & celebrating black excellence

April 25, 2017

In Finding Octave, author Nick Douglas traced his family line in an effort to provide new understandings around what makes up Blackness in America. Since then, the writer took a DNA test confirming the findings in the book, while also illuminating many powerful new connections.

His articles and essays around these experiences continue to do the work of changing the narrative around the history of people of color. A collection has just been released in new book entitled Reclaiming Black History, Finding Admirable Ancestors, a Wealth of Heroism and Traits that Shatter Defeatist Cliches. Every article intends to express a view on history that is rarely mentioned, including the interdependence and relationship between Black Americans, Native Americans, Mexican Americans and white Americans.

It is available on Amazon and will soon be available on Kindle. Check out Douglas discussing the book below!:



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