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black existentialism is explored through the lens of technology in thought provoking short film ‘inertia’

April 26, 2017
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Brandon Markell Holmes’ short film ‘Inertia’ is a visceral and imaginative exploration of black existentialism as viewed through the lens of technology and narcissism. The interdisciplinary visual project uses vintage footage of black American iconography and culture, from advertising to the church to Malcolm X.

‘Inertia’ confronts the self, identity on a metaphysical level, as well as a social. Taking on themes of religion, binary codes, and digital space for queer and black identities. In a way, the visual musical experience mimics the entire social consciousness of the black experience.

“The story of blackness in America, is the involuntary evolution of our voice, resources and justice. In many ways we have been pre-maturely forced to experience black joy and stability without proper incubation & facility. Which leads into a myriad of other issues in the black experience, such as: mental illness and poverty. We are not allotted certain 3 dimensional liberties as some of our white counter parts,” Holmes says. “These are all well known facts. My vision is to show this in a creative unique way.”

Watch ‘Inertia’ down below or at OpenTV.

Executive producer & Creator – Brandon Markell Holmes
Music Production – Eric Sherman
Editor – Xenon Ziegler

Banner Photo by Sierra Thompson via Chicago Tribune