wypipo, the movement for black lives shouldn’t be appropriated on beer bottles

March 9, 2017

“_ Lives Matter” has been appropriated relentlessly from the moment protestors were shouting it in the streets, more or less. Many of those iterations show intersectional solidarity, but most versions are acts of insensitive appropriation or used as a silencing tool against POC. One grossly flippant example of usage of the phrase is this tasteless beer bottle label for a black stout. Ralph Marion, a craft beer enthusiast from Alabama posted the photo (below) on Instagram after stumbling across it in a Facebook group. “When I saw it, I was wondering if it was a real beer. Then I started to really wonder what other would think about this, so that is when I posted it on my Instagram page,” Marion said, according to Mic. Mic also reports that the beer is real and was created by a home brewer called Birch Church Brewing Co. Yikes.

Photo via @beeredblackman