we don’t need new footage of mike brown to know he didn’t deserve to be killed

March 15, 2017
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Footage from the day Mike Brown was murdered was released last week at the SXSW premiere of Jason Pollock’s documentary ‘Stranger Fruit’. The film’s unseen footage raises “new” questions about the Ferguson police department’s claims that Brown’s trip to a convenience store was a “strong-armed robbery” and somehow the inciting event that justified Brown’s murder. The tape in question shows Brown entering the store around 1 a.m. on the day of his death where he approaches the counter and hands a small bag to the clerk who, in turn, hands a shopping bag containing cigarillos. Brown tosses it behind the counter, leaving it there for safe keeping until the following afternoon. Pollock believes that these interactions were part of a deal where Brown had traded marijuana for cigarillos. For obvious legal reasons, a lawyer representing the convenience store and its employees has denied this version of events.

The new footage does little to explain what happened between Brown’s interaction with Darren Wilson, but it does show how the police spun the narrative to justify the “imminent” threat posed by Scary Superhuman Black Men who go around town intimidating people with aggression one minute to charging through a hail of bullets in the next. “This shows [the police’s] intention to make him look bad. And shows suppression of evidence,” says Pollock. .

Since the surfacing of this second video, a spokesman for the St. Louis County police told the New York Times that the footage wasn’t released by them because it wasn’t “relevant” to the investigation. Who needs context, right?

This newest revelation comes as it’s being learned that Wilson and other Ferguson police officer’s sworn admission of using the “n-word” to describe black people. In the same court docket filed on Dec. 28 of last year, Wilson also admitted that most of the narratives used to justify Brown’s killing were false.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

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