video premiere: toronto soul singer tik▲ celebrates black and brown love in “ohmygod”

March 29, 2017

Toronto soul singer and songwriter TiK▲ released her first EP celebrating Black womanhood, “Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid”, to critical acclaim in Spring of 2016. Now she’s back with a 4 track offering entitled “Carry On”, that uses her soulful sound to take the listener on a healing journey into the spiritual.

Her first video from the project, “OHMYGOD” features Blackbox Recording Artist, Clairmont The Second and international producer, Harrison.

“The OHMYGOD video centers around love and the relation between love and the Divine,” she says. “I simply wanted to show beautiful People of Colour in love, no matter what that looks like, even the love of self to share this love with me and with the world.”

Cinematography: Mac Boucher + Patrick Tomasso
MUA: Rahsthetics
“Thank you to Sophie of The Cloud for providing the space
Thank you to all the beautiful people who took out the time to make an appearance in the video.”


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