this gorgeous photo series won’t let you keep erasing afro-latinxs

March 13, 2017

Valerie Moreno is an artist and photographer whose passion for curls and Afro-Caribbean culture drove her to create Afros In San Juan, a photo series preserving and highlighting Black influences in Puerto Rico. With striking pictures of Afro-Latinxs in a variety of vibrant settings and poses, it’s nearly impossible to look away, and that is just what Moreno intends. “If I judge by the amount of black people I see in mainstream media outlets here in Puerto Rico or in politics for example, I would say yes, there’s a lack of acknowledgment (of the Black community),” Moreno explained in a recent interview with #IAmEnough, “Puerto Rico would not be what it is without the rich history and culture that came from Africa and it’s in every Puerto Rican’s DNA.” Unfortunately, Moreno highlights how the erasure and appropriation of Black influences is not just limited to majority white spaces, but her work follows a long and powerful tradition of POC across the globe creating new media to ensure their stories, and the stories of other POC, are told. Incredible!

By Hari Ziyad, AFROPUNK Contributor