this afro-latina artist is bluntly bringing the issues of black women to the forefront

March 21, 2017

Afro-Dominicana artist Zahira Kelly says she spent years wrestling with erasure and devaluation as a Black woman in society, and more specifically as an Afro-Latina. Understanding that part of the problem was how few images acknowledged her existence, the 34-year-old Bronx native, who is now based in Georgia, decided to take matters into her own hands. Kelly’s work not only illustrates the intersection of anti-Black and sexist abuses Black women experience, it also bluntly challenges the systems that create them.

With unapologetic nude figures of all shapes, illustrations documenting emotional abuse, and twerking galactic goddesses, Kelly brings the complex and diverse issues and lives of Black women the forefront in new, bold and empowering ways.