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sampha teams up with kahlil joseph for stunning short film “process”

March 31, 2017

This morning, British singer and songwriter Sampha released “Process”, a 36-minute short film serving as a companion piece to his album of the same name that dropped in February. Having contributed to the music of some of the biggest stars in the industry already–including Solange, Kanye West, Drake, and Frank Ocean–”Process” the album was expected to be critically acclaimed and did not disappoint. The film is no less stunning.

The singer’s mother died of cancer at the end of 2015, and much of “Process” is dedicated to her. It features “ghostly spiritual surfer guides, crop circle dance formations, time altering narrative leaps,” as well as live performances. It was directed by Kahlil Joseph, the mastermind behind much of Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade.

“It’s been a genuine pleasure to work with Kahlil and his whole team. They’ve been so humble and sensitive with me in creating this film,” Sampha wrote in a Facebook post. “I’m really proud of it and happy it’s being shared. Thank-you to Apple Music and everyone at Young Turks and Pulse Films who have pushed for this and believed in it enough to make it happen.”

Watch a snippet below, and click here for the full video!:

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