premiere: new uk play “custody” shows police brutality isn’t just an american problem

March 17, 2017

“Custody” is the forthcoming play by UK-based Urbain Wolf, aka Urbain Hayo, (The Art Machine) and written by Tom Wainwright (Banksy: the Room in the Elephant that delves into the phenomenon of black people being killed while in police custody. The play’s narrative follows the bereaved family of Brain, a man killed by the police, as they struggle to find justice when the administers and enforcers of justice are the one’s withholding it. “Custody” also aims to bring awareness of the police brutality epidemic outside the United States. “Since I watched the documentary film ‘Injustice’, the voices of the families of people who have died in police custody have stayed in my head, haunting me and bringing me to tears,” Wolf tells AFROPUNK. “Staging their stories in the theatre will allow more people to hear them and be inspired to do something to bring justice to these families.” “Custody” was directed by Gbemi Ikumelo and will show at the Ovalhouse Theatre March 28 – April 8th.

Custody – trailer from Suzie Jacobs on Vimeo.