body positivity and self-reflection are highlighted in ‘the mirror stage’ project

March 22, 2017
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‘The Mirror Stage’ is the new photography project by photog Phuong-Thao Hoang, Creative Director (and model) Magnus Juliano, and model Melrose. Aimed at facilitating a conversation around social issues and body positivity, The Mirror Stage gets its name from Jacques Lacan’s psychoanalytic theory of the same name that deals with an infant’s first recognition of themselves in a literal mirror, and how that shapes our early sense of self.

“”The full concept is that the photoshoot explores the tension in one’s process of identification through the act of looking. Mirror image, though often deemed to reflect with reality, is actually the space for projected fantasy and desires,” Juliano tells AFROPUNK. “This shoots intentions were to bring awareness to ourselves and the consumption of our day to day. The bitter fruit (thoughts) we harvest represented in the lemons, the over saturation (worlds views) of bright hues, monochromatic and conforming clothing (second portion of the shoot) example of our desires to be apart of something, and the nudity which is confronting aspect and unpacking our truth and beyond.”

Photographer: Phuong-Thao Hoang Model: Melrose Creative Direction & Modeling: Magnus Juliano