asian & other non-black poc allies must actively join the fight against anti-blackness

March 16, 2017

White feminists are quick to call for a rally among black and POC for their convenience in attacking the abstract figure of white patriarchy. Enough with the cheesy hashtags and talk panels with black feminists, when will you on the ground with black girls at large who may or may not be feminists.

What angered me the most (with our allies) was seeing an Asian store owner, Sung Ho Lum wrestling with a young black woman choking and kicking her because he assumed she stole something. It was a disgusting video, but this is common occurrence in the black community. We see a lack of communication and trust between Asian and black people, especially in customer service.

Non-black POC have privilege even within the black community. It is sometimes magical that they can beat up, threaten or kill a black person with little resistance. It makes me question if the term POC is even unifying minorities. African Americans have always stood between the defense of other POC. We fought heavily to prove that Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ was unconstitutional and defeated the purpose of America. Meanwhile, a black Muslim friend told me about her mother’s experience in being bullied out of a mosque.

Black students had the greatest interesting in learning a foreign language, especially Spanish. We even brag about our hidden Latin heritage, meanwhile Afro-Latinos are not visible in media and suffer in poverty.

Lastly, black nerds always admired watching anime and being a part of JPOP and KPOP fandoms. Meanwhile, some these very artist mock blackness and portray the black experience as a stereotypical gangster flick. Do black people really have allies when it comes to battling the patriarchy of non-white communities? It is not about finding a good few non-black intersectional bloggers to defend us. Give the internet a rest, we are calling for physical activism. In being as clear as possible, here is what all non-black POC can do to improve their relationship with the black community.

By Asher Primus, AFROPUNK contributor

You do not need to use outdated slang to get my attention to your products. Also, shiny chains are not something I am interested in so do not use the deploy that your gold chain is going to lift my street cred.

March with us and fight racism within your communities and homeland. Please, stop stalking black customers in your stores. On the global spectrum, I would like to know if African refugees and immigrants are given human rights that grant access to affordable healthcare, education, media representation, work and political power.

The black community does not question patronizing non-black businesses in our communities, so, we at least would like some reciprocation in spending power. Help black schools financially or offer to help volunteer.

The key to bridging the gap is through the future generation. Let us have our children come together to better understand our experiences.

Employ Us
Again, we have no problem patronizing your businesses, so why can’t we work in your establishments? Your restaurants or businesses will not lose any cultural value if we are hired. Plus, customer service will definitely improve.