afropunk premiere: pbdy x buchanan’s “i was a boy” is an eclectic hip-hop gem #soundcheck

March 29, 2017

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor

Pairing time-worn drum samples with fluttering violins and an off-kilter rhythm, PBDY and BUCHANAN’s “I Was A Boy” is unlike anything else. The 17 year old MC’s vocals flit over the shifting beat, making his delivery insistent, almost jarring in its urgency. The lines don’t so much flow as they intrude on each other as thoughts jump down a rabbit hole always returning to the reminder “I Was A Boy.” The song comes from the forthcoming Blender Ep out April 3rd.

BUCHANAN explains:

“To start with the ending, “i was a boy” equates to dying. it represents the temporary euphoria you feel after a period of depression, when for a second, the skies become less grey, and your goals for the everyday, like going to the shop to buy some milk or looking out your window to see the sunlight, become possible for a split second. it’s the most uplifting, and therefore, most tragic song on the project. only a minute later, you feel how you felt before. and then you repeat the cycle of depression and philosophical questioning on life that is BLENDER.

I’ve always been told I’m older than I look and I sound. I’m 17 and have never dated a girl the same age as me, or really maintained friendships with people my age. my mother used to say i was born an old man, which i guess is the irony of naming the song “i was a boy” since I’m hardly sure i ever was.”


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